The Death of Sherlock Holmes (play 2018)

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The Death of Sherlock Holmes (2018)

The Death of Sherlock Holmes is an American play, directed by Nathan Smith, performed at the LifeHouse Theater (Redlands, CA, USA) from 27 january to 11 february 2018, starring Michael Slusser as Sherlock Holmes and Wayne Scott as Dr. Watson.

Sherlock Holmes becomes entangled within a deadly scheme orchestrated by his archenemy, Professor Moriarty — the Napoleon of Crime. Will this be their final conflict?

Three weeks before the same cast played Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot! in the same theatre.




© Photos : LifeHouse Theater.



  • Director : Nathan Smith
  • Assistant Director : Zachary Michael
  • Costume Designer : Machir Lakofka
  • Scenic Design, Sound and Lighting : Mark Perrenoud, Vinnie Martinucci