The Doctor's Case (movie 2018)

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The Doctor's Case (2018)

The Doctor's Case is an American movie, written and directed by James Douglas, produced by Barker Street Cinema, released in january 2018, starring J. P. Winslow as Sherlock Holmes and Michael Coleman as Dr. Watson. 65 minutes.

When a diabolical English lord is murdered, Sherlock Holmes and Watson must unexpectedly exchange roles in order to solve the perfect locked room mystery.

The movie is an adaptation of the sherlockian pastiche written by Stephen King : The Doctor's Case (1987).






  • Director : James Douglas
  • Co-Director : Leonard Pearl
  • Screenplay : James Douglas, Stephen King
  • Producers : James Douglas, Leonard Pearl
  • Music : Jeremy Breaks
  • Composer : Maria Lui
  • Cinematography : Stuey Kubrick, Ian MacDougall
  • Film Editor : Ian MacDougall, Will Ross
  • Production Design : Michelle Lieffertz
  • Set Decoration : Mia Cirotto, Michelle Lieffertz
  • Makeup : Danielle Dyrland, Sabrina Mori
  • Costume : Shawna Berry, Michelle Lieffertz