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The Duchess of Wiltshire's Diamonds

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The Duchess of Wiltshire's Diamonds

The Duchess of Wiltshire's Diamonds is the 4th episode in season 1 of the BBC TV series: The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. Aired on 11 october 1971. 50 min.

Simon Carne is a Raffles-style burglar created by Guy Boothby in 1897.

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Plot summary

Charismatic socialite Simon Carne adopts the persona of "Klimo" to solve crimes. Does professional jealousy explain antagonism to the celebrated private detective? Or is it something more? And even though Klimo solves case after case for his clients, why are none of the perpetrators ever caught?


  • Simon Carne : Roy Dotrice
  • Lady Wiltshire : Barbara Murray
  • Lord Wiltshire : Peter Cellier
  • Lord Amberley : John Standing
  • Lady Amberley : Felicity Gibson
  • Belton : John Nettleton
  • Marquis of Orpington : Paul Whitsun-Jones
  • Mrs Mac Vitie : Joan Scott
  • Chief Superintendant Vivyan : Dudley Foster
  • Inspector Fallalove : John Dawson
  • Ali : Dinon Shafeek
  • Mujib : Javon Yaltam
  • Bouchet : John Rapley
  • Dewhurst : John Gill
  • Asif : Rafiq Anwar
  • Annette : Marcia Warren


  • Director : Jim Goddard
  • Screenplay : Julian Bond
  • Producers : Robert Love, Lloyd Shirley
  • Music : Robert Sharples