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The Hydesville Memorial (29 oct and 26 nov 1927)

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The Hydesville Memorial are 2 letters written by Arthur Conan Doyle published in the magazine Light on 29 october and 26 november 1927.

The Hydesville Memorial (29 october 1927)

Light (29 october 1927, p. 521)


Sir, — I have received a letter from Mrs. Cadwallader, of the Progressive Thinker. It contains this passage:—

You will be pleased to hear that the Hydesville Memorial to commemorate the advent of Modern Spiritualism is in the hands of the monument-makers. The suggestion that an International Memorial be erected came from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle at a reception given in Chicago, under the auspices of the Progressive Thinker, since which time Mrs. Mary R. Longley and myself, as Executive Committee, have been earnestly working to complete the plans towards the perfecting of such a monument as would testify to the appreciation of the Spiritualists of the world. ...
The memorial will be a shaft of light barre granite, 25 feet high, with a bronze tablet with suitable inscription at its base, and will be ready to unveil about the end of November, 1927.

It is very necessary that the monument should be international, as it will make the world realise the universality of our movement. Up to now, save for a single contribution of a hundred pounds, there has been no British participation. I hope that this will be amended, for, though I admit that too much British money is already flowing to America, this in a very special sense is our own duty and business. Should any sums be sent to me at "Windlesham," Crowborough, I will see that they are duly acknowledged and forwarded.

Yours, etc.,

The Hydesville Memorial (26 november 1927)

Light (26 november 1927, p. 585)

Sir, — I appealed to your readers to help me with subscriptions for the Memorial which is being erected at Rochester in memory of the birth of Spiritualism in the neighbouring hamlet of Hydesville. It is important that this Monument, a handsome obelisk, should be international in character. Up to date I have received 22 s. 6 d. from our British community. Will they leave me to send that in as our British contribution?

Yours, etc.,
Crowborough, Sussex.