The Judkin's Tragedy

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This cartoon by Arthur Conan Doyle was done during his college years in Stonyhurst around 1870-1875. It was probably published in the college magazine, the "Wasp".

Everard Digby, a schoolmate, wrote: « Its style is not quite as easy and graceful as his literary style, but it possesses some character of which I can well judge, as I was his classfellow for three years. "Judkin's Adventure" was never completed, as Doyle told the literary staff of the Wasp that each could put his own conclusion to the story. Can Judkins have been the embryo of some of Doyle's heroes! Perhaps an ultimate analysis of the Brigadier Gerard would give Judkins and Baron Marbot! » [1]

The Judkin's Tragedy

The Judkin's Tragedy (ca. 1870-1875)


  • Judkins and a sailor come to blows.
  • Constable 49 cotches Judkins.
  • Judkins is condemned.
  • Judkins meditates escape.
  • He reaches the window.
  • Judkins sticks in the window.

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