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The Langman Hospital (article 7 march 1900)

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The Langman Hospital is an article published in The Sketch on 7 mars 1900.

The Langman Hospital

The Sketch (7 mars 1900, p. 290)


This hospital, which consists of one hundred beds. with marquees and thirty-five tents, has left in the Oriental for South Africa. The hospital, unlike other civil ones, is not a base-hospital, but is going to "the front," where its services are greatly needed.

The greatest thought and care have been bestowed on its equipment, and no expense spared to provide, not only the most complete outfit of surgical appliances, medicines, stretchers, &c., but also innumerable comforts and nourishments that will to much help to alleviate the sufferings and hasten the recovery of the sick and wounded.

Mr. Archie L. Langman (Lieutenant Middlesex Yeomanry), son of the donor, will accompany it as Treasurer.

Mr. Robert O'Callaghan, F.R.C.S., of Harley Street, Surgeon to the French Hospital in London. is Surgeon-in-Chief, and is to specialist of repute in abdominal surgery. As gunshot-wounds of the abdomen have been very frequent and serious during the present war, his services will be of special value to our soldiers at "the front." Mr. C. Gibbs, F.R.C.S., of Harley Street, Assistant-Surgeon Charing Cross Hospital, is Surgeon; Mr. H. J. Scharlieb, F.R.C.S., Harley Street, Anaesthetist to University College Hospital, is Surgeon and Anaesthetist; Dr. Conan Doyle is Physician; Messrs. Hackney, Turle, Blasson, Mayes, and Burton, Senior Students and Dressers at University College Hospital, are Dressers. Major M. O'C. Drury, R.A.M.C., who has been appointed by the War Office as the Army Medical Officer in charge of the Langman Hospital, served in the Soudan Campaign in 1885 (medal with clasp and Khedive's star), also served with the Burmese Expedition in 1886-87 ("mentioned" in despatches, medal with clasp). Mr. Howell is Quartermaster. There are also twenty orderlies from the St. John Ambulance Brigade, the whole personnel amounting to forty-five.

The staff of this hospital was inspected by the Duke of Cambridge on Feb. 21 at the headquarters of the St. George's Rifles, Davies Street, Portman Square. On the entry of the Duke of Cambridge, the staff was called to order by Major O'C. Drury, R.A.M.C., the military officer in command. The Duke carefully inspected the men, and the medical officers were presented to him. The Duke then, in a short speech, congratulated the staff on having the opportunity of serving their Queen and Country in South Africa. Though the news recently received had been more cheering, he still feared that there would be many occasions for them to render services both to the wounded and to the sick, and he congratulated the donor of the hospital, Mr. John Langman, on the noble gift which he had made to the nation. Mr. Langman subsequently entertained the Duke of Cambridge, the medical staff of the hospital, and a party of friends to lunch at Claridge's Hotel.

Dr. Conan Doyle. - Mr. Langman. MR. LANGMAN'S HOSPITAL CORPS FOR "THE FRONT": TAKEN OUTSIDE HEADQUARTERS OF THE ST. GEORGE'S RIFLES, DAVIES STREET, W. From a photograph by Alfred Ellis and Walery, Baker Street, W.