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The Late Harold Frederic

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The Late Harold Frederic is an article published in The Sketch on 28 december 1898.

The Late Harold Frederic

The Sketch (28 december 1898, p. 367)

I print the accompanying circular concerning the late Mr. Harold Frederic. A subscription-list which accompanies the circular contains the names of Sir Charles Dilke, Sir Edward Lawson, of the Daily Telegraph, Mr. Frank Lloyd, of the Daily Chronicle, Mr. Alfred Harmsworth, of the Daily Mail, and Mr. Heinemann, for £20 each; Mr. S. R. Crockett and Mr. Henry James for £10 each; Mrs. Humphry Ward, Dr. Conan Doyle, Mr. Henry Arthur Jones, Mr. J. M. Barrie, Mr. H. H. Asquith, Mr. T. P. O'Connor, Mr. H. G. Wells, and Sir Francis Jeune for five guineas each; while smaller sums have been received from Mr. Sydney Grundy, Miss Braddon, Mr. A. T. Quiller Couch, and other well-known persons among Mr. Frederic's contemporaries. It is hoped that this call for subscriptions will be responded to as quickly as possible.


88, St. George's Square, S.W., Dec. 20, 1898.
DEAR SIR, — The death of Mr. Harold Frederic, the distinguished novelist, whose early and tragic end cut short a career of considerable fulfilment and even greater promise, has left his widow and four children entirely without resources, and has thus rendered necessary this appeal to his friends and the public on their behalf. Of the four children, two are boys, aged respectively ten and twelve, for whose education it is desired to make provision; and two are girls, aged seventeen and twenty, for whom it is hoped sonic occupation may shortly be found.
Meanwhile, the need of the widow is urgent. By the terms of Mr. Frederic's will the English royalties and copyrights of his works are left to his widow, but this possible source of revenue is so heavily mortgaged that it most be some considerable time before any income, however small, can be looked for from this direction.
It is hoped, therefore, that those who knew Harold Frederic, or have derived pleasure from his works, will contribute to so thoroughly deserving a cause.
The following gentlemen have agreed to act m a Committee—


  • Right Hon. H. H. Asquith, Q.C., M.P.
  • Sir Edward Lawson, Bart
  • Sir Henry Irving, D.C.L.
  • Justin McCarthy, Esq., M.P.
  • Ellis Griffith, Esq., M.P.
  • T. P. O'Connor, Esq., M.P.
  • The Rev. Canon Eyton.
  • Frank Lloyd, Esq.
  • Alfred Harmsworth, Esq.
  • Henry James, Esq.
  • J. M. Barrie, Esq.
  • G. H. Boughton, Esq., R.A.
  • W. E. Henley, Esq.
  • R. Newton Crane, Esq.
  • Right Hon. Sir Charles W. Dilke, Bart., M.P.
  • A. Conan Doyle, Esq., M.D.
  • H. Beerbohm Tree, Esq.
  • S. R. Crockett, Esq.
  • Arthur W. Pinero, Esq.
  • Henry Arthur Jones, Esq.
  • James McNeill Whistler, Esq.
  • A. T. Quiller Coach, Esq.
  • W. Heinemann, Esq.
  • H. W. Massingham, Esq.

The undermentioned have agreed to act as trustees of all moneys that are received, and generally to administer the fund—


  • Sydney S. Pawling, Esq.
  • Brandon Thomas, Esq.

Cheques, made payable to "The Frederic Fund," and crossed "London and County Bank," should be sent to me at the above address. — Your obedient servant,

W. J. FISHER (Hon. Sec. and Treasurer).