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The Lost Regalia: Sherlock Holmes Offers His Services

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The Lost Regalia is an article published in The Leeds Mercury on 16 july 1907.

The Lost Regalia

The Leeds Mercury (16 july 1907, p. 5)

"Sherlock Holmes" Offers His Services.

In reference to the robbery at Dublin Castle, it has been ascertained (telegraphs the "Tribune's" Dublin correspondent) that it is a fact that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has offered his services to Sir Arthur Vicars, who is a relative of his, in connection with the unravelling of the mystery.

Some of the missing jewels were to have played prominent part in Sir Arthur Vicars's forthcoming marriage.

The Dublin police smile at the offer. The detectives have formed definite theories about the robbery. They utterly scout the idea of this being the work of a foreign gang, and are looking for the perpetrator nearer home. Holiday leave amongst officials is for the moment suspended pending developments which the detectives say may arrive at any moment.