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The Man in the Moon

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The Man in the Moon is an American musical play (3 acts, 7 scenes), written by Louis Harrison and Stanislaus Stange, performed at The New York theater (New York, USA) from 24 april to 4 november 1899. 192 performances.

The role of Arthur Conan Doyle was performed by Sam Bernard. Sherlock Holmes was performed by Ferris Hartman (in the first weeks) and Joseph C. Miron afterwards. Actor Dan Daly was announced to be Sherlock Holmes 1 month before the premiere.



Illustration in The World (25 april 1899, p. 5)
Christie MacDonald (The New York Times, 11 june 1899, ill. mag. p. 32))



  • Producer : George W. Lederer
  • Playwrights : Louis Harrison, Stanislaus Stange
  • Music : Ludwig Englander, Gustav Kerker, Reginald DeKoven
  • Lyrics : Louis Harrison, Stanislaus Stange
  • Entire presentation staged by : George W. Lederer
  • Musical Director : Gustav Kerker
  • Choreography : Carl Marwig
  • Scenic Design : D. Frank Dodge, Henry E. Hoyt, St. John Lewis, Ernest Albert
  • Costume Design : Caroline F. Siedle
  • Electrical Effects : Joseph Lee, John Whalen


Song (sung by character) [composer]


  • The Creditors' Chorus
  • Liberty Hall (Willie Bullion and Ensemble)
  • She Just Walks On (Liza Ellen)
  • The Spirit of Mischief and Sprites
  • The Jockey Chorus (Punch Sloan and Pony Ballet)
  • The Orchid Ballet
  • Perhaps I Will, Perhaps I Won't (Liza Ellen and Jimmy Donohue)
  • The Man in the Moon (Willie Bullion)


  • My Sunday Girl (Diana)
  • How It Occurred (Willie Bullion) [Kerker]
  • 'E Didn't Know Exactly What to Say (Liza Ellen)
  • Slumming on the River (Jimmy Donohue) [Kerker]
  • In Spite of Puck and Judge (Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes) [Englander]
  • The Telephone Fighters (Prairie Dog Pete, Specialty and Jimmy Donohue) [Kerker]
  • Billy, You're Off Again (Continuous Proctor) [Kerker]
  • The Timothy D. Sullivan Chowder Party (Viola Alum and Ensemble) [Kerker]
  • The Husband-Hunters (Diana and Leading Ladies) [Kerker]
  • The Rebellious Leg (Conan Doyle) [Kerker]

Scene 3

  • The Bellamy Dance (Ensemble) [Englander]
  • Ring dem Wedding Chimes (Viola Alum and Ensemble) [Kerker]
  • The Flat on the Opposite Side (Liza Ellen) [Kerker]
  • Ballet of the Four Seasons [Englander]


  • National Anthem Columbia [DeKoven]