The Monte Carlo Telegram (play 1981)

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Kay Moore (Barbara Beckett), Dr. James Watson(Nick Owen) and Stamford Holmes (Warwick Jones).

The Monte Carlo Telegram is a British play, written by Grant Eustace (from an original story by Philip Burley and Grant Eustace) and directed by Roger Starbuck, performed by the Miller Centre Workshop at the Miller Centre Club (Caterham, Surrey, UK) from 19 to 27 june 1981 (8 performances), starring Warwick Jones as Stamford Holmes and Nick Owen as Dr. James Watson.

Stamford Holmes and James Watson (the grand sons of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson) are involved into a murder investigation at the Hotel Splendids during a Monte Carlo rally week.



  • Director : Roger Starbuck
  • Playwright : Grant Eustace
  • Stage Manager : Frank Worswick
  • Assistant Stage Manager : Stella Wood
  • Set Design / Decor : Kay Worswick
  • Wardrobe : Heather Starbuck
  • Lighting : Johnny Morris