The Mystery of Cader Ifan (TV episode 1967)

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The Mystery of Cader Ifan (1967)
Conan Doyle: Mystery and Adventure
Inside the lost 1967 BBC TV series 'Sir Arthur Conan Doyle', by Mark Jones.
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The Mystery of Cader Ifan, A Tragic Tale is the 8th episode of the British TV series Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Written by John Hawkesworth and directed by Peter Sasdy, it was released on 12 march 1967 on BBC, starring Michael Latimer as Philip Hardacre.

Enjoying a break in Wales, Philip Hardacre meets the mysterious and beautiful, Julia Lambert. But when he tries to relocate to a secluded house near the Cader, Julia become fearful and tries to persuade him otherwise...

This is an adaptation of the Arthur Conan Doyle's short story : The Surgeon of Gaster Fell (1890).