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The Mystery of the Amber Beads

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The Mystery of the Amber Beads

The Mystery of the Amber Beads is the 13th episode in season 2 of the BBC TV series: The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. Aired on 23 april 1973. 50 min.

Hagar is a fictional character created by Fergus Hume in 1898.

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Plot summary

After the strangulation of a rich widow, her necklace turns up in a pawnshop run by a young gypsy woman named Hagar. The police quickly zero in on a chief suspect, but Hagar has other ideas about the culprit. However, sometimes even her instincts can let her down.


  • Hagar : Sara Kestelman
  • Grubber : Joss Ackland
  • Freddy : Stephen Chase
  • Vark : Philip Locke
  • Rose : Sara Craze
  • Kitty : Rosemary Lord
  • Miss Lyle : Kathleen Byron
  • Mrs Arryford : Doris Rogers
  • Sergeant Finch : Jonathan Adams
  • Woman : Patricia Gerrard
  • Charlie : Fred Radley

  • Director : Don Leaver
  • Screenplay : Owen Holder
  • Producers : Jonathan Alwyn, Kim Mills
  • Music : Robert Sharples