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The Poison Belt (The Times 1 may 1914)

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The Poison Belt is an article published in The Times on 1 may 1914.

About the plagiarism accusations by French writer J.-H. Rosny. See details here.

The Poison Belt

The Times (1 may 1914, p. 8)

A Charge of Plagiarism.

(From our own correspondent.)

Paris, April 30.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, against whom a charge of plagiarism has been brought in connexion with his last work, "The Poison Belt," by M. J. H. Rosny, aîné, author of "La Force Mystérieuse," has written to the French translator of his works pointing out that the first chapters of "The Poison Belt" were written nearly a year before the book was finished and began to appear in the Strand Magazine. M. Rosny replied that at that time two sections of his work had already been published, to which Sir A. Conan Doyle rejoins that, if he had wished to imitate M. Rosny, it would have been impossible for him to do so and to prepare illustrations in time for publication two months after the appearance of M. Rosny's work.