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The Poison Belt (The Times 4 may 1914)

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The Poison Belt is an article published in The Times on 4 may 1914.

About the plagiarism accusations by French writer J.-H. Rosny. He eventually admits that there has been a meeting of ideas between Conan Doyle and himself. See details here.

The Poison Belt

The Times (4 may 1914, p. 7)

(From our own correspondent.)

Paris, May 3.

M. J. H. Rosny, aîné, in a letter to the Temps to-day, with regard to the similarities between his novel "La Force Mystérieuse" and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's work "The Poison Belt," states that his note regarding these analogies was not intended as on attack, but as defence. This one shown by the concluding passage of the preface to "La Force Mysterieuse," which is as follows:—

I consider it possible that there has been a meeting of ideas between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and myself, but as I know by an experience which is already long that one is often accused of following those who follow one, I think it well to state that Je Sais Touthad already published the first two instalments of "La Force Mystérieuse" when "The Poison Belt" began to appear in the Strand Magazine.

Sir Conan Doyle, continues M. Rosny, states that he handed his manuscript to the Strand Magazine before the publication of "La Force Mystérieuse" and Mr. A. P. Watt [Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's agent] confirms this statement. It would show bad grace not to accept this double evidence.