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The Ripening Rubies

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The Ripening Rubies

The Ripening Rubies is the 12th episode in season 1 of the BBC TV series: The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. Aired on 2 december 1971. 50 min.

Bernard Sutton is a fictional character created by Max Pemberton.

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Plot summary

An ex-con makes a rookie mistake-trying to sell a stolen ruby necklace back to the craftsman who made it. The jeweler, Bernard Sutton, soon discovers that a string of high-society women are losing their expensive adornments. Shunning the heavy-handed approach of the police, he sets his own trap to catch the thief.


  • Bernard Sutton : Robert Lang
  • Mrs Kavanagh : Moira Redmond
  • Lady Faber : Lally Bowers
  • Lord Faber : Richard Humdall
  • Inspector Illingworth : Windsor Davies
  • Abel : Steve Hodson
  • The Duke : Terence Bayler
  • Briggs : James Cairn Cross
  • Jaffee : Ron Pember
  • Constable Bellows : Leon Collins
  • Mr. Piercy : John Warner
  • Major General : John Gatrell
  • Vicar : John Owens
  • Ethel : Maggie Wells
  • Mrs Wycherly : Joan Hentley
  • Mrs Brand : Renata Roman
  • Bodley : Richard Pescud

  • Director : Alan Cooke
  • Screenplay : Anthony Skene
  • Producers : Robert Love, Lloyd Shirley
  • Music : Robert Sharples