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The Speckled Band (play 1939)

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The Speckled Band is a British play, performed by the Bridlington School Dramatic Society at Bridlington (UK) in february 1939 and at the Spa Theatre (Hull, UK) in march 1939, starring Gilbert R. Saltonstall (and Kenneth G. Howard who replaced him in march) as Sherlock Holmes.


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  • Director : J. H. Ashton
  • Lights : J. H. Ashton
  • Production : F. H. Towle
  • Stage Manager : M. Oldfield
  • Assistant : P. J. Wilkinson
  • Properties, Scenery call boys, etc : H. A. Hamlyn, R. Cowburn, T. Pollard, T. G. Featherstone, D. J. Gardiner, D. D. Lister