The Woman in Green

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The Woman in Green (1945)

The Woman in Green is an American movie released on 15 june 1945, produced by Universal Pictures, starring Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson. 63 min. This is the 11th sherlockian movie in the Rathbone series.

Holmes and Watson investigate a series of bizarre and apparently unconnected murders, and the death of a possible suspect. The trail leads to a society of hypnotists and a mysterious, glamorous woman. The fiendish Dr Moriarty, though reported hanged in Montevideo, is believed to be involved.

The plot is based on some parts of Arthur Conan Doyle's short story: The Empty House (1903).

Other titles: La Femme en vert (France)

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  • Electrician : Norman Ainsley
  • Waring : John Burton
  • Shoelace Seller : Harold De Becker
  • Vincent the bartender : Leslie Denison
  • Carter : Tony Ellis
  • Victim Jackie : Lou Harding
  • Commissioner of the CID : Alec Harford
  • Constable : Ivo Henderson
  • Newsman : Tommy Hughes
  • Constable : Colin Hunter
  • Norris, the Fenwick butler : Olaf Hytten
  • Short-Tempered Officer : Boyd Irwin
  • Member of Mesmer Club : Eric Mayne
  • Mowbray : Violet Seaton
  • Mesmer Club Servant : Arthur Stenning
  • Dr. Simnell, madman : Percival Vivian