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Thomas Nelson & Sons

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Thomas Nelson (1780-1861)
The Great Boer War frontispiece (1900)
The Refugees frontispiece (1911)

Thomas Nelson & Sons (aka T. Nelson & Sons) was a Scottish publishing company founded by Thomas Nelson Sr. in 1798 based in Edinburgh, then in London (1844), New York (1854), Paris (1910), Leipzig (1910) and Toronto (1914).

The company was the Edinburgh's most famous publishers who specialised in producing popular literature, children's books, Bibles and religious and educational texts. From its founding to its departure from Scotland in 1968, Nelsons was an established and well-known presence on the Southside, its Parkside Works on Dalkeith Road a major landmark in the Edinburgh cityscape.

Conan Doyle published by T. Nelson













  • ---.04.1923 : The Refugees (Nelson's Cloth Bound Books 2/-)


The Sign of Good Luck: Explanations of the swastika symbol on a Nelson's dustjacket (ca. 1910)

Thomas Nelson & Sons published some books with a dextrogyre swastika on the cover. This has nothing to do with the nazi logo and is prior to the nazi period.

The swastika was familiar and trendy in Europe and especially in UK at the end of 19th century and beginning of 20th used as a sign of good luck in many sectors such as companies, publishers, sport teams, pendants, greeting cards, lucky charms, etc... See image on the right for the Nelson's explanation.