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Tim Pigott-Smith

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Tim Pigott-Smith as Sherlock Holmes in radio show The Valley of Fear (1986)

Timothy Peter Pigott-Smith aka Tim Pigott-Smith (13 may 1946 - 7 april 2017) was a British film and television actor and author.

From december 1974 to january 1976, Tim Pigott-Smith played Dr. Watson in 471 performances of the play Sherlock Holmes by William Gillette at Broadhurst Theatre on Broadway (New York) with John Wood / John Neville as Sherlock Holmes. In 1986, he played Sherlock Holmes in the BBC radio show The Valley of Fear with Andrew Hilton as Dr. Watson.

He also wrote 3 children's books in the series The Baker Street Mysteries, featuring the exploits of Sherlock Holmes' Baker Street Irregulars : The Dragon Tattoo (2008), Shadow of Evil and The Rose of Africa (2009).