To Kill a Canary

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To Kill a Canary (2014)

To Kill a Canary is a British play written by Keith Digby and John Clark and directed by Ian McFarlane, performed from 17 to 27 september 2014 at Kenton Theatre (Henley-on-Thames, UK), starring Peter Land as Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Fairs as Dr. Watson.

To Kill A Canary tells the tale of the hunt for the killer of three women working in a munitions factory — known as the Canary girls — whose bodies have been mutilated in a way similar to the victims of Jack the Ripper. Holmes and Watson are called in to solve the crime and prevent morale among the girls doing key war work collapsing.



  • Sherlock Holmes : Peter Land
  • Dr. Watson : Nigel Fairs
  • Walter Sickert : William Brand
  • Claire Lambert : Victoria Tyrrell
  • Rose Gordon : Justine Powell
  • Illusionist : Neil Henry



  • 17-21 september 2014 : Kenton Theatre (Henley-on-Thames, UK)
  • 24-27 september 2014 : Kenton Theatre (Henley-on-Thames, UK)