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Topics of the Week: Sherlock Holmes in New York

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Topics of the Week: Sherlock Holmes in New York is an article published in The New-York Times on 7 june 1914.

Topics of the Week

The New-York Times (7 june 1914, part 7 p. 260)

Sherlock Holmes as a citizen of New York in the near future is one of the delightful possibilities suggested last week by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who is just now on his second voyage of discovery in America. It seems that Sir Arthur finds New York a not unworthy field for the exercise of the great detective's abilities — and we may be reasonably certain that if the American metropolis is large enough and wicked enough for Holmes, it will surely furnish an agreeable residence for the indefatigable Dr. Watson. Sir Arthur, it appears, has been busy "absorbing local color" during his stay in New York. Let us hope that it is with a view to exciting the interest of his two famous friends, who have apparently wearied of London and its suburbs, and who are looking for new fields to conquer. It is safe to say that there are few of Europe's well-known personages who would find a heartier welcome in America than this worthy couple. They will surely find a new and diverting series of adventures here. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in New York opens up an endless vista of sensations. By all means, let us urge Dr. Doyle to make the possibility of our harboring such distinguished visitors an accomplished fact.