Under the Clock

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Page 2 of program (Good-Bye, Faithful James and Under the Clock (25 november 1893)
Page 3 of program (Good-Bye, Faithful James and Under the Clock (25 november 1893)

Under the Clock (An Extravaganza, in one act) is a British play written by Charles Brookfield and Seymour Hicks, performed on 25 november 1893 at 10pm as the third part of the evening triple bill (after plays Good-Bye at 8.15pm by Seymour Hicks, and Faithful James at 9pm by B. C. Stephenson) at Royal Court Theatre (London, UK), starring Charles Brookfield as Sherlock Holmes and Seymour Hicks as Dr. Watson.

This is the first play with the character Sherlock Holmes.



  • Playwrights : Charles Brookfield, Seymour Hicks
  • Music : Edward Jones
  • Dances : Marriette D'Auban
  • Dresses supplied by : L. & H. Nathan
  • Decorations and Furniture by : Marler & Bennett of Sloane Street
  • Scenery painted by : T. W. Hall

Plot summary

Holmes and Watson are in their sanctum when the servant announces a visitor, who proves to be M. Emile Zola (here called M. Emile Nana). Sherlock Holmes, with his usual tendency to discover some deep plot, mystery or crime in the actions of every person with whom he comes in contact, refuses to believe in the amiable professions of M. Zola - or Nana - and arranges with the maidservant Hannah to adopt a series of disguises while he and his friend will follow closely in the wake of the Frenchman, and keep the strictest watch upon his movements. The Parisian visitor has received an invitation to meet the Lord Mayor, and at his Lordship's official residence the fun becomes most amusing, taking the form of parodies of all the principal stages successes of the season.