Vagabond Club's Dinner at the Holborn Restaurant

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Vagabond Club's Dinner at the Holborn Restaurant is an article published in The Penny Illustrated Paper on 15 december 1894.

Arthur Conan Doyle is illustrated on the picture as a member, but he was not at this meeting on this day.

Vagabond Club's Dinner at the Holborn Restaurant

The Penny Illustrated Paper (15 december 1894, p. 375)

The First Monthly Dinner of the "Vagabond Club" since its reorganisation was held on Friday, Dec 7, at the Holborn Restaurant under the chairmanship of Mr. F. W. Robinson, the distinguished novelist. The guests of the evening were Mr. Frankfort Moore, the rising Belfast novelist, Mr. A. Trevor-Battle, who has just returned from an ice beleaguered island in the Arctic regions. Captain Yendo, the Japanese Attaché, Mr. Clement Shorter, Editor of The Illustrated London News and Sketch, and others. The company was large and interesting, and some of the better known guests and members are represented above, including Mr. Conan Doyle and Mr. I. Zangwill, it will be noted. Besides these may be mentioned Mr. Bernard Partridge, of Punch, Mr. David Murray, A.R.A., Mr. Francis Gribble, Mr. W. H. Wilkins, the writer of "The Green Bay Tree," Mr. Haddon Chambers, Mr. Jerome K. Jerome, and many others. The Vagabond is an almost ideal club, since there is only a nominal subscription. These good-natured and not badly off Vagabonds meet to dine at a different place each month.


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