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While your were sleeping

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While your were sleeping

While your were sleeping is the 2nd episode in season 1 of the American TV series Elementary aired on 4 october 2012 on CBS. 44 min. Audience : 11.13 millions.

Plot summary

Sherlock is called in to consult a burglary that resulted in the death of the homeowner. True to form, Holmes quickly realizes that the burglary was an unrelated crime of opportunity that happened after the murder - they should be chasing a killer, not a robber. Unfortunately, Sherlocks favored suspect has an airtight alibi: shes confined to a hospital bed, trapped in a coma after a suicide attempt. When another murder occurs with the same MO, Sherlock realizes that hes running out of time to find a connection and solve the case.



  • Director : John David Coles
  • Screenplay : Robert Doherty
  • Producers : Alysse Bezahler, Geoffrey Hemwall
  • Music : Sean Callery
  • Costumes : Rebecca Hofherr