Sherlock Holmes (movie 1932)

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Sherlock Holmes (1932)

Sherlock Holmes is an American movie, directed by William K. Howard, produced by Fox Film Corporation, released on 6 november 1932, starring Clive Brook as Sherlock Holmes and Reginald Owen as Dr. Watson. 70 min. Black & White.

Other titles: Una Aventura de Sherlock Holmes (Spain).

The movie is an adaptation of the William Gillette's Sherlock Holmes play produced with the authorization of the Conan Doyle right owners, as Conand Doyle died two years before in 1930.

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  • Carnival Thug : Ted Billings
  • Manuel Lopez : Roy D'Arcy
  • Al : Edward Dillon
  • Bird Shop Thug : John George
  • Gaston Roux : Robert Graves
  • Prison Guard : Lew Hicks
  • Secretary to Erskine : Brandon Hurst
  • Sir Albert Hastings : Claude King
  • Chaplain : Arnold Lucy
  • Hans Dreiaugen : Lucien Prival