Sherlock Holmes (radio 1938)

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Sherlock Holmes is an American radio drama of the Orson Welles' series Mercury Theatre on the Air, adapted by John Houseman, produced by CBS, first aired on 25 september 1938, starring Orson Welles as Sherlock Holmes and Ray Collins as Dr. Watson. 56 min.

This is an adaptation of the William Gillette and Arthur Conan Doyle's play : Sherlock Holmes (1899).

The show was broadcasted on many networks on the same day:

  • CBS, 8pm
  • KFAB, 7pm
  • KIRO, 5pm
  • KMOX, 7pm
  • KRNT, 7pm
  • KSCJ, 7pm
  • KSFO, 5pm
  • KWKH, 7pm
  • NX, 5pm
  • WABC, 8pm
  • WAPI, 7pm
  • WDAE, 8pm
  • WBBM, 7pm
  • WCAU, 8pm
  • WCOA, 7pm
  • WHP/Columbia, 8pm
  • WJR, 8pm
  • WSBT, 7pm
  • WNOX, 7pm


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