Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars

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Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars (2007)

Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars is a British TV movie in 2 parts, produced by BBC, written by Richard Kurti and Bev Doyle, directed by Julian Kemp, released on 25 march 2007 on BBC, starring Jonathan Pryce as Sherlock Holmes and Bill Paterson as Dr. Watson.

One of the Irregulars, Jack, has disappeared. Policemen are poisonned. Sherlock Holmes is under house arrest, falsely accused of crimes he didn't commit. The Baker Street Irregulars, this savvy, street-smart team of teens become the great detective's eyes, ears and legs. But can these kids really help Holmes stop a mastermind from stealing England's gold, the good name of her greatest sleuth, and the lives of two of their own?




  • Director : Julian Kemp
  • Screenplay : Richard Kurti, Bev Doyle
  • Producer : Andy Rowley
  • Executive Producer : Andrew Lowe (Element Films), Josephine Ward (CBBC), Elaine Sperber
  • Music : Debbie Wiseman
  • Costumes : Leonie Prendergast
  • Make Up : Linda Mooney
  • Editor : Ray Roantree
  • Music : Debbie Wiseman
  • Designer : Grant Hicks
  • Director of Photography : Ciaran Tanham