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Inside the lost 1967 BBC TV series 'Sir Arthur Conan Doyle', by Mark Jones.
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"Sir Arthur Conan Doyle" was a BBC TV series of 13 episodes based on non-sherlockian short stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle. The TV series was also known under the title "The Short Stories of Conan Doyle" or "Conan Doyle".

The 50-minutes episodes were written by John Hawkesworth (the future writer of the Jeremy Brett series between 1984-1994 for Granada TV).

The episodes varied from horror, medical to boxing stories. A connecting thread ran through the series in the form of three university students around whom each of the stories was centered : Philip Hardacre [1] (Michael Latimer), Tom Crabbe [2] (Keith Buckley) and Monkhouse Lee [3] (Christopher Matthews).

Series producer was Harry Moore, the concept being created by John Hawkesworth.

Episode list

# Date Episode Original story
1 15.01.1967 Lot 249, A Horrific Tale Lot No. 249 (1892)
2 22.01.1967 The Croxley Master, A Heroic Tale The Croxley Master (1899)
3 05.02.1967 The Chemistry of Love, A Romantic Tale A Physiologist's Wife (1890)
4 12.02.1967 The Lift, A Desperate Tale The Lift (1922)
5 19.02.1967 Crabbe's Practice, A Comic Tale Crabbe's Practice (1884)
6 26.02.1967 The Willow House School, A Mysterious Tale The Story of the Latin Tutor (1899)
7 05.03.1967 The Brown Hand, A Fantastic Tale The Story of the Brown Hand (1899)
8 12.03.1967 The Mystery of Cader Ifan, A Tragic Tale The Surgeon of Gaster Fell (1890)
9 19.03.1967 The New Catacomb, A Scandalous Tale The New Catacomb (1898)
10 26.03.1967 Redhanded, A Bloody Tale The Story of B 24 (1899)
11 02.04.1967 The Black Doctor, A Strange Tale The Story of the Black Doctor (1898)
12 16.04.1967 The Beetle Hunter, A Mysterious Tale The Story of the Beetle Hunter (1898)
13 23.04.1967 Playing with Fire, A Haunted Tale Playing with Fire (1900)

  1. Character from Arthur Conan Doyle's short story : The Story of the Brown Hand (1899).
  2. Character from Arthur Conan Doyle's short story : Crabbe's Practice (1884).
  3. Character from Arthur Conan Doyle's short story : Lot No. 249 (1892).