Камень, ножницы, бумага

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Peter Small (Mikhail Evlanov) and Watson (Andrei Panin) "playing" Rock, Paper, Scissors in Afghanistan

Камень, ножницы, бумага (Paper, Scissors, Rock) is the 2nd episode of the first season of the Russian series Шерлок Холмс starring Igor Petrenko (Holmes) and Andrei Panin (Watson), aired on 19 november 2013 on Russia1 (87 minutes). The storyline is based on The Sign of Four with various modifications and mix with other characters names of the original stories. For example : Gregson is a constable, a secret agent is named Francis Carfax, Peter Small instead Jonathan Small, Tadeush Sholto a friend of Watson, a young girl Mary Small instead of Mary Morstan, etc.

The introductory speech by Watson is taken from A Study in Scarlet, various phrases 188-200.


Plot summary

Lieutenant Peter Small, Watson's former comrade of arms, injured and chased by the police, takes refuge in Baker Street where he dies in Watson's arms. The doctor finds a jewel treasury on him. It seems the ex-soldier was involved in the "Gang of the Cabmen", a band of robbers made up with ex-military of Watson's regiment. Holmes and Watson go to an orphanage to see the young Mary, Small's daughter. This is where they find Taddeus Sholto (1), another one of Watson's regiment's friend. Mary shows them a photo of her father with comrades and a strange unknown character. When they leave, Holmes and Watson are kidnapped in a special closed cab with no possibility of escape out, but a few streets further, Sholto kills the cabman and frees them. In the meantime, three men break into Baker Street and steal the jewel treasury. On the photo, Mrs Hudson recognizes the burglars: Morstan (2), Briggs and Kudrow. Watson publishes the photo in a newspaper in order to incite the burglars to show themselves. While discussing with the editor of the journal, Watson learns that he could be well paid if he wrote detective stories... At the same time, Irene Adler (3) pays a visit to Holmes and begs him to reconcile with each other, but Holmes refuses and she leaves. Holmes is irritated when he discovers that Irene Adler took advantage of her visit to steal the photo. He also learns by his brother, Mycroft Holmes (4), that the robbed jewelry belonged to an Indian prince in a diplomatic trip to London, and that a secret agent, Francis Carfax (5) and Peter Small had been killed with the same weapon. Later, near the docks, Holmes, Watson and Sholto have a gunfight with the "Gang of the Cabmen", that ends with a chase by boat on the Thames. The fight ends with the explosion of the gang boat and the jewelry sinking in the river (6). Holmes discovers that Taddeus Sholto is in fact the brain of the gang and Watson challenges him to a duel and kills him. Watson, who saved a pearl collar from the lost treasury, decides that, each year, a pearl will be offered to the little Mary Small in order to support her financially (7).


  • Screenplay : Zoya Kudrya (Зоя Кудря), Oleg Pogodin (Олег Погодин), Leonid Porokhnya (Леонид Порохня), Andrei Kavun (Андрей Кавун), Oleg Kavun (Олег Кавун)
  • Director : Andrei Kavun (Андрей Кавун)
  • Operator : Antuan Vivas-Denisov (Антуан Вивас-Денисов)
  • Music composer : Gary Miller (Гари Миллер)
  • Music producer : Rimma Drozdova (Римма Дроздова)
  • Editor : Aleksandra Vinogradova (Александра Вуноградова)
  • Art Producers : Vladimir Svetozarov (Владимир Светозаров), Marina Nikolaeva (Маруна Ныколаева)
  • Film prop : Oleg Judin (Олег Юдин)
  • Costumes : Larisa Konnikova (Лариса Конникова)
  • Make-up : Liliya Riseckaya (лилия Русецкая)
  • Sound Director : Aleksander Fedenev (Александр Феденев)
  • Editing : Andrey Melnikov (Андрей Мельников), Nikolai Buligin (Николай Булыгин)
  • Executive producers : Dimitry Dobuzinsky (Дмитрий Добужинский), Olga Maksimova (Ольга Максимова)
  • Producers : Ekaterina Efanova (Екатерина Ефанова), Denis Frolov (Денис Фролов)

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