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Conan Doyle on radio

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Here is the list of Conan Doyle novels or short stories aired on radio since 1930. This represents hundreds of episodes, thousands of hours and many performers.

Conan Doyle as a character

Title ACD Performer Country
12.12.1987 Conan Doyle and The Edalji Case Ian Cuthbertson UK
11.10.1981 The Man Who Wanted to Murder Sherlock Holmes Redmond Phillips AU
18.01.1986 The Mystery of the Reluctant Storyteller Bruce Douglas UK
28.12.1981 The Silver Mirror Gordon Gould UK
22.06.1980 The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes Frank Finlay UK
 ??.??.1972 Conan Doyle Investigates Carleton Hobbs UK
19.12.1963 The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes Marius Goring UK
26.05.1959 Les Maîtres du mystère : Sir Arthur mène l'enquête
Masters of Mystery: Sir Arthur investigates
Georges Wilson FR
23.05.1959 Sherlock Holmes' vanskeligste sak
Sherlock Holmes' hardest case
Jon Lennart Mjøen NO

Non-Sherlock Holmes stories

Sherlock Holmes stories

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Other programs