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Маріани (Mariani i. e. Moriarty) is a Russian play performed at the New Theater (Saint Petersburg, Russia) in november 1906, starring Vsevolod Blumenthal-Tamarin and Gursky as Sherlock Holmes.

The action takes place in Paris.

On 18 november, the cast was slightly modified: The actor playing Watson (Gursky) replaced the actor playing Sherlock Holmes (Vsevolod Blumenthal-Tamarin). And the policeman (Algin) became Watson.

Plot Summary

In Paris, at Sherlock's. Watson is awaiting Holmes with his wife, previously Lady Cadogan. Mariani disguises himself as a cook and gets into Holmes' place. Sherlock Holmes realises Mariani's presense in the house straight away, and together with Watson goes to search. Mariani used this and kidnapped Sherlock's wife. At Mariani's. Mariani assures Holmes' wife that Holmes is dead and shows Sherlock's fake head as evidence. She still refuses to marry Mariani or write a will on his name. Sherlock Holmes dressed as a poor man managed to warn his wife about everything. He gets to her and saves her by disguising as Mariani. They escape through the window. When Mariani arrives, he finds out his house is surrounded by police. Fourth act is at Holmes' again. He sees through the window that an electrician is working with a telephone wire, so he is very careful when a call is heard. The telephone explodes, but Sherlock Holmes is unharmed. Mariani arrives as an injured electrician. Sherlock wants to kill him, but Mariani warns him that Sherlock's wife is in his hands again, and if he doesn't come back till 10pm, she will be killed. Sherlock Holmes leaves Mariani to Watson and runs off to save his wife. Mariani uses Watson's confusion and escapes. In the basement. Sherlock Holmes manages to save his wife just in time. Then, tricking Mariani into a dark room, he places TNT near the doorstep and blows up the whole room with Mariani inside.


Cast in "Обозрение Tеатров" (Review of Theatres, 12 november 1906, p. 7)
Cast in "Обозрение Tеатров" (Review of Theatres, 18 november 1906, p. 6)
  • Sherlock Holmes : Vsevolod Blumenthal-Tamarin (Всеволод Блюменталъ-Тамаринъ), Gursky (Гурскій)
  • Dr. Watson : Gursky (Гурскій), Algin (Альгинъ)
  • Mariani, leader of the gangsters : Doroshevich (Дорошевичъ)
  • Miss Kathy Holmes : Temirova (Темирова)
  • Jim, gangster : Anin (Анинъ)
  • Golas, gangster : Adrianov (Адріановъ)
  • Officer, gangster : De Valiere (Де-Валіеръ)
  • Smart Dressed Woman : Vasilieva (Васильева)
  • Tradeswoman : Lyubetskaya (Любецкая)
  • Young Boy : Demert (Демертъ)
  • Policeman : Algin (Альгинъ), Kelberg (Кельбергъ)
  • Irregular : Reyka (Рейка)
  • Gregoire : Korelsky (Корельскій)
  • Footman : Kelberg (Кельбергъ), Kruchinin (Кручининъ)
  • Porter #1 : Gnedich (Гнѣдичъ)
  • Porter #2 : Agramov (Аграмовъ)


  • Director : V. M. Yanov (В. М. Яновъ)

Known Performances

Date Perfomance S.H. Actor Director Source
Sun 12 nov 1906 3rd Blumenthal-Tamarin B. M. Yanov [1]
Tue 14 nov 1906 4th " " [2]
Tue 15 nov 1906 5th " " [3]
Sat 18 nov 1906 Gursky " [4]
Tue 21 nov 1906 " " [5]
Thu 22 nov 1906 " " [6]
Tue 26 nov 1906 " " [7]
Wed 29 nov 1906 " " [8]


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  • Acknowledgement: Alexander Orlov.