A Protest from Dr. Conan Doyle

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A Protest from Dr. Conan Doyle is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in The Critic, New York, on 2 december 1893.

A Protest from Dr. Conan Doyle

Sir, - I have seen reviews in American papers of a collection of stories under my name, entitled My Friend the Murderer. Would you have the goodness to allow me to state in your columns that the book is published without any sanction of mine, and that the tales in it were written many years ago, and were meant to have the ephemeral life that they deserve? It is a matter of very little interest to anyone else no doubt, but it is slightly annoying to an author when work which he has deliberately suppressed is resuscitated against his wish.


Reform Club, London, 13 Nov., 1893