A Voice from the Grave

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A Voice from the Grave is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in the Daily Express No. 6084 on 10 october 1919.

A Voice from the Grave

Daily Express No. 6084 (p. 4)

To the Editor of the "Daily Express."

Sir, — I do not propose to enter upon the discussion over the case which I quoted at Wimbledon, because there is an element of levity introduced too often into these debates which would be offensive to me. I answer to your correspondent's question however, I may say:-

1. That my son called "Father!" because it was to me that he wished to sneak. His mother is with him.

2. That long experience of psychic science has shown that all physical phenomena are quicker an more powerful in the dark. The probable reason is that the ether which conveys light by its vibration is the physical basis used for the phenomena. A red light has been found, as in photography, to be the least deterrent.

3. The voice was my son's voice, as it was the manner. Both my wife and I agreed on that. The gentleman who acted as medium was some yards away. The voice was within a foot or so of my ear. The other sitters — four gentlemen, two ladies - had their own convincing experiences.

Windlesham, Crowborough, Sussex.