Den Stjaalne Millionobligation

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Young Billy (Anton Seitzberg) and Sherlock Holmes (Alwin Neuss) with police constables (on the right: Victor Fabian)

Den Stjaalne Millionobligation (The Stolen Million Bond) is a Danish silent movie released on 14 january 1911, produced by Nordisk Film Co., starring Alwin Neuss as Sherlock Holmes. 310 meters. Black & White.

Other titles:

  • Millionobligationen
  • Milliontestamentet
  • Den Stajlne Millionbligationen
  • The Stolen Legacy
  • The Million Dollar Bond

Survival status: presumed lost.


  • Sherlock Holmes : Alwin Neuss
  • Dr. Mors : Einar Zangenberg
  • Countess : Alfi Zangenberg
  • Billy : Anton Seitzberg
  • Police constable : Victor Fabian
  • Oscar Langkilde : unknown

  • Director : August Blom (?)



  • 1. The count makes a will in favour of his wife
  • 2. The criminal king Dr. Mors is determined to get hold of the legacy, and he makes a wax impression of the keyhole of the safe
  • 3. The will is gone. Sherlock Holmes must be informed at once
  • 4. Dr. Mors tries to convince the countess that he is her friend and Sherlock Holmes a scoundrel
  • 5. Sherlock Holmes has just gone by, and he has got the will
  • 6. Dr. Mors shows his true colours to the countess
  • 7. If I am not home by 12 o'clock the countess and her friend will be dead

Plot summary / Review

The Moving Picture World, 6 may 1911, p. 1020
  • The Moving Picture World, 6 may 1911, p. 1020

"The Stolen Legacy" (Great Northern). — In this Sherlock Holmes story, which has much merit and interest, a will is stolen and through a series of exciting incidents Sherlock Holmes captures the thieves and secures the legacy for the countess. Some of the methods utilized by thieves like these in obtaining access to safes and the means they take to rid themselves of troublesome relatives are clearly shown. The photography is good and the acting is quite in keeping with the subject.