Elementary, my dear Watson (play 2013)

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Elementary, dear Watson is a British play performed on 8 may 2013 by students of the St. Mary School (Stonyhurst College), which was the school of Arthur Conan Doyle between 1870-1875. Michael Flanagan performed Sherlock Holmes and SP Flanagan was Dr. Watson.



  • Sherlock Holmes : Michael Flanagan
  • Dr. Watson : SP Flanagan
  • Lestrade : Jo Furey
  • Inspector Blunt : Mrs. Walker
  • Muriel : Mary Flanagan
  • Abigail : Paloma M. G.
  • Mrs. Armitage (school teacher) : Mrs. Hughes
  • Albert the groundsman : Louis Burke

Plot summary

Why is the Higgins-Winchester Trophy for Excellence missing from its cabinet? Why were Muriel and Abigail absent from assembly and what had they been arguing about? When a blood-curdling scream is heard and Abigail is found spread-eagled on the ground, it’s time to call on Sherlock Holmes. The team of detectives get to work, interviewing suspects, collecting their evidence in the form of finger prints from the trophy, fragments of fabric found at the scene and a letter (written by a right-handed person...). Logical reasoning and forensic science leads them to the conclusion that Abigail’s demise was a tragic accident.