Famous Authors on Marriage Morals

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Famous Authors on Marriage Morals is a compilation of articles published in John Bull on 5 july 1930 including the opinion given by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Below is the contribution by Arthur Conan Doyle. The other authors were : H. G. Wells ; The Rt. Hon. George Lansbury, M.P. ; Compton Mackenzie ; Miss Storm Jameson ; Hugh Walpole ; The Dean of Durham ; C. E. M. Joad ; Aldous Huxley ; John Galsworthy ; Harold Brighouse ; Miss Ethel Mannin ; Hon. Bertrand Russell ; Evelyn Waugh ; Ernest Raymond ; The Rev. J. Scott Lidgett, D.D.

Famous Authors on Marriage Morals

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I think that all marriages should be soluble, and believe that Dr. Norwood's theory of Christian marriage being indissoluble is responsible for much misery and also much immorality.

The relaxing of the moral code would too often abrogate marriage altogether, but if divorce were made reasonably easy there would be no need for companionate marriage.

It is quite possible to draw up a code of conduct, the underlying principles being unselfishness and the Golden Rule.

In my opinion, the Church does exaggerate the heinousness of sexual sins: occasional errors are to be deprecated, but they are trivial compared with consistent bad temper and cruelty.

While advocating easier divorce, I do not recommend such conditions as prevail in some American States.

I would bring British law up to the average law of civilised countries, granting divorce for lunacy, penal servitude, desertion for three years, notorious drunkenness, and cruelty.

In each case, of course, it is optional on the part of the injured party. The present system of separation leads inevitably to irregular unions.

John Bull (5 july 1930, p. 20-21)