Henry M. Brock

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Henry M. Brock

Henry Matthew Brock (11 july 1875 - 21 july 1960) was a British illustrator and landscape painter.

Born in Cambridge (UK), H. M. Brock was one of four sons of Edmund Brock (1841-1921), a specialist reader in oriental languages for the Cambridge University Press, and his wife Mary Ann Louise (1836-1901) (née Pegram). H. M. Brock was the younger brother of the better-known artist Charles Edmund Brock, with whom he shared a studio from 1894. H. M. Brock studied at the Cambridge School of Art. Like his brother, he contributed to Punch magazine. While Charles Edward Brock painted in oils and was elected a member of the British Institution, H. M. Brock worked in advertising as well as in book illustration.

Between 1903 and 1912, he did 26 illustrations of Arthur Conan Doyle's fictions.