Le Chien des Baskerville (play 1974)

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Le Chien des Baskerville (1974)
Le Chien des Baskerville (TV)

Le Chien des Baskerville is a French play performed at Théâtre Marigny in 1974 and aired live on TV on 6 november 1974 on channel O.R.T.F. (Au théâtre ce soir), starring Raymond Gérôme (Holmes) and André Haber (Watson). 132 minutes.

This adaptation is a stage play filmed for TV, which took place at the Théâtre Marigny in 1974. It is based on the original Conan Doyle's story The Hound of the Baskervilles, but rewritten for the stage. Two different sets: the Baker Street living-room and Baskerville Hall. The outdoor scenes were replaced by sound evocations. The tragic fate of Selden and the Beast take place before the window of the house and witnesses of the events comment from inside. Holmes sometimes appears with the deerstalker, macfarlane and calabash pipe but it does not predominate.

The characters are similar to the novel, except Sherlock Holmes (Raymond Gérôme) who is unbearable... Too French, no class, pedantic, vulgar and most of the time outspoken. He sprinkles his playing with grimacing, he scratches himself without discretion or stands in undignified positions... Let's add his physical features (chuby with no charisma). In contrast, Watson is very good. He has neither overweight nor comic vocation. Some laughs come more often from Dr. Mortimer (Christian Alers) who portrays a shy doctor, distracted and slow of mind. The decorations are beautiful but the Baker Street living-room has nothing related to the original stories.