Mr. Edalji's Pardon (22 may 1907)

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Mr. Edalji's Pardon is an article published in the Daily Mail on 22 may 1907, including a part of an interview with Arthur Conan Doyle about the Edalji case.

Mr. Edalji's Pardon

Daily Mail (22 may 1907, p. 7)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle met the members of the Edalji Committee yesterday in London and discussed the position of affairs consequent upon the grant of a free pardon to Mr. George Edalji.

It was resolved to offer subscribers to the fund raised to secure a pardon the opportunity to receive their money back, but the hope was expressed that they would consent to the money being handed over to the parents and aunt of the innocent man, who have been put to great expense.

"We have about £345," said Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to a "Daily Mail" representative, "and we hope to be able to hand that over to the relatives. Mr. George Edalji has refused to touch a penny of it. That, I think, shows his extremely honourable and courageous character, for he is entirely without means.

"All through he has impressed me with his transparent honesty and courage, I am convinced that he did not write the letters."