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Mr. Mallard's Magical Menagerie & The Mystery of the Black Swan

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Mr. Mallard's Magical Menagerie & The Mystery of the Black Swan (2018)

Mr. Mallard's Magical Menagerie & The Mystery of the Black Swan (under-titled: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery) is an American 3-act play, written and directed by Cheri Costales, performed by Elite Dance and Theatre at the North 4th Theatre (New Mexico, NM, US) from 7 to 15 september 2018, starring Chris Ranney as Sherlock Holmes and Steve Corona as Dr. Watson.

John McFarlane has been arrested for the murder of Jonas Oldacre, owner of the Norwood Theatre, and has sought the help of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to prove his innocence.

"John McFarlane" and "Jonas Oldacre" are characters from Arthur Conan Doyle's short story: The Adventure of the Norwood Builder (1903).


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  • Director : Cheri Costales
  • Playwright : Cheri Costales
  • Dramatic Direction / Actor's Coaching : Steve Corona, Cara Sowers
  • Choreography : Esther Michnovicz, Kira Akmajian, Cheri Costales, Alyssa Costales, Vanessa Trujillo, Tara Smartnick
  • Costumes : Cheri Costales, Linda Downum, Judy Brewster and Erin Morrison
  • Make Up : Alyssa Costales, Tianna Garcia, Kristen Nguyen
  • Lighting : Ben Costales
  • Sound : Matt Ramsey
  • Production : Stephanie Rickerman, Robyn Hardy
  • Stage Management : Cathy Costales
  • Backstage Management : Tina Mesa
  • Promotions : Tim Nguyen, Cheri Costales
  • Videography : Tim Nguyen, William Ernst, Nick Bennet


ACT 1: 221b Baker Street

  • Scene 1: An Interesting Case
  • Scene 2: John's Account
  • Scene 3: Lestrade vs. Holmes

ACT 2: The Game is Afoot

  • Scene 1: The Story of the Black Swan
  • Scene 2: The Story of the Black Swan Continued
  • Scene 3: The Stage Manager
  • Scene 4: Watson on the Case
  • Scene 5: Gerald
  • Scene 6: Comparing Notes


ACT 3: Mr. Mallard’s Magical Menagerie

  • Scene 1: Lestrade, the Victor!
  • Scene 2: Sights and Delights
  • Scene 3: Old Roberts the Mind Reader
  • Scene 4: The Orient
  • Scene 5: Charmed
  • Scene 6: The Clues Tell Another Story
  • Scene 7: The Opera
  • Scene 8: Fire!
  • Scene 9: Sherlock Saves the Day
  • Scene 10: The Norwood Theatre Restored