Notecard to Arthur Edward Stilwell (29 june 1922)

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This notecard was written by Arthur Conan Doyle on 29 june 1922 from the R.M.S. Adriatic (White Star line logo in header), returning from New York, to Arthur Edward Stilwell. Arthur E. Stilwell (1859-1928) was the founder of the Kansas City Southern Railway and author of a spiritualist book "The light that never failed: A tale of Australia, America and England".


My dear Stilwell

I wrote before I left but I fear I misaddressed. I wish I could have seen you but I had a fearsome pressure at the end.

I have read your book "The Light". It is a very level & workmanlike production, with no highlights, but never sinking below a good quality. I agree with your Publishers that it would be better not to allude to the Brownies. It is difficult not to think that it is some literary secondary personality of your own.

I hope some path may open up for your Spiritual labours. I have written about you in my little book which may run almost at once in the N.Y. American. I have left nothing undone to smooth your way, but when it comes to a business proposition it becomes outside my powers.

Our joint remembrance to your wife.

A Conan Doyle