Paramount on Parade

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Philo Vance (William Powell) & Sherlock Holmes (Clive Brook)

Paramount on Parade is an American musicam movie released on 22 april 1930, produced by Paramount Studios, starring Clive Brook as Sherlock Holmes and with no Watson. 102 min. Black & White.

This is an all-star revue divided in 20 sequences. Among these, one is called Murder Will Out featuring the detective.

Cast of the "Murder Will Out" sequence


  • Thug : Mischa Auer

  • Directors : Dorothy Arzner, Otto Brower, Edmund Goulding, Victor Heerman, Edwin H. Knopf, Rowland V. Lee, Ernst Lubitsch, Lothar Mendes, Victor Schertzinger, A. Edward Sutherland, Frank Tuttle, Elsie Janis
  • Producers : Adolph Zukor, Jesse L. Lasky
  • Screenplay : Joseph L. Mankiewicz
  • Cinematography : Victor Milner, Harry Fischbeck
  • Music : Howard Jackson