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Pas d'hortensias pour Miss Grolich (play 2016)

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Pas d'hortensias pour Miss Grolich (2016)

Pas d'hortensias pour Miss Grolich (No Hydrangeas for Miss Grolich) is a Belgian play, written and directed by Patrick Chaboud, performed at the Magic Land Théâtre (Schaerbeeck, Belgium) from 1 to 31 december 2016, starring Philippe Drecq as Sherlock Holmes and Loïc Comans as Dr. Watson. 2h15 (with interission).

London 1888. On a strange night of full moon, a young woman is murdered just near Lord Grolich's house. This is the 10th murder committed in the Whitechapel district and Scotland Yard's investigation is at a dead end. Sherlock Holmes is called to the rescue in an attempt to solve the mystery... Accompanied by his faithful Watson, he will discover, in this immense bourgeois-looking house, a mysterious universe of spiritualism and fantastic creatures. What secrets does Miss Grolich want to preserve at all costs?


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