Petersfield v. Haslemere

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Petersfield v. Haslemere is a cricket score result published in The Hants and Sussex News on 5 september 1900.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (Haslemere) lost.

Petersfield v. Haslemere

Cricket; A Weekly Record of the Game (5 september 1900, p. 5)

Petersfield again proved the winners in the return match played on the Heath last Saturday. It was a very interesting game as there was some good cricket displayed by both teams. Haslemere batted first and compiled 86 runs, Dr. Hutchinson contributing 36. Knowles and Corbett were most successful with the ball of the five bowlers tried by Petersfield, the latter capturing 4 wickets for a loss of only 6 runs. The Petersfield innings opened very badly, 5 wickets being down for 26 runs. Then Coulthard and Knowles went in and completely changed the aspect of affairs. Both played with great freedom and spirit, and although several bowlers were tried they put together upwards of 70 runs before Coulthard fell a victim to a slow pitched ball from Conan Doyle, who had gone on again after taking several wickets at the opening of the innings. The doctor's bowling was meet effective, as Knowles was got rid of in the same over, and all the remaining wickets went down for a small addition before Dr. Conan Doyle's attack. The innings ultimately closed for 114 (of which Knowles made 44 and Coulthard 27), leaving the home team with a lead of 28. Not much time remained for further play, but before stumps were drawn Haslemere had lost five wickets for 17 runs, Knowles and Corbett again bowling admirably. The match consequently ended in a victory for Petersfield on the first innings. The following were the scores:—


  • Dr. R. J. Hutchinson b Corbett ... 36
  • Dr. A. Conan Doyle b Coulthard ... 0
  • J. Burrage c Carter b Coulthard ... 0
  • M. A. Frisby not out ... 3
  • R. Lewis c Lloyd b Dr. Lincoln ... 18
  • H. Madgwick c Corbett b Knowles ... 7
  • F. Ford c Bone b Corbett ... 1
  • B. Bicknell c Lloyd b Corbett ... 5
  • H. R. Smith b Knowles ... 4
  • T. Maides b Knowles ... 0
  • T. White c Davidson b Corbett ... 2
  • Extras ... 10
  • Total ... 86


  • W. Michael c A. C. Doyle b Bicknell ... 9
  • Dr. Lincoln b Doyle ... 2
  • G. Davidson c Frisby b Doyle ... 2
  • G. Bone b Doyle ... 6
  • H. Corbett c and b Bicknell ... 2
  • A. Coulthard b Doyle ... 27
  • E. Knowles b Doyle ... 44
  • G. Carter c Hutchinson b Doyle ... 10
  • H. Lloyd b Doyle ... 4
  • N. Armfield c Frisby b Doyle ... 0
  • H. Wills not out ... 0
  • Extras ... 8
  • Total ... 114