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Sherlock Holmes : L'Affaire Frankenstein

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Sherlock Holmes : L'Affaire Frankenstein (Sherlock Holmes: The Frankenstein case) is a French radio show written by Denis Boissier and aired between 18 october and 5 november 1999 on channel France Culture, starring Jean-Gabriel Nordmann (Sherlock Holmes) and André Falcon (Dr. Watson).

The plots are mixes from stories by Conan Doyle, Mary Shelley and Edgar Rice Burroughs .


  • Sherlock Holmes : Jean-Gabriel Nordmann
  • Dr. Watson : André Falcon
  • Mycroft Holmes : Philippe Magnan
  • Cecil Clayton : Guillaume de Tonquedec
  • Eleonora Porter : Raphaëline Goupilleau
  • Frankenstein : Jean Topart
  • Colonel Bücher : Mark Blezinger
  • Clayton's servant : Éric-Martial Lebert
  • Ordonnance : Frédéric Cuif
  • British scientifics  : Frédéric Lebret, Jacques Leplus
  • Radio announcer : Julian Eggerickx
  • Boat captain : Jean-Luc Atlan
  • German lieutenant : Wolfgang Pissors
  • German sub-lieutenant : Philip Weissert
  • German lieutenant : Patrick Tessari
  • Loango the sorcerer : Sidiki Bakaba
  • Professor Waldman : Jörn Cambreleng
  • Special agent : Julien Sibre
  • Secretary : Valérie Schwarcz
  • Frankenstein's servant : Patrick Kaplan
  • Cabman : Pierre Peyrou
  • Fake Frankenstein : André Cazalas
  • Psychiatrist : Philippe Houriet
  • Tarzan : Pierre Laplace
  • The creature : Olivier Arrighi
  • Lieutenant Paul d'Arnot : Philippe Siboulet
  • ? : Sheila Coren-Tissot
  • ? : Johannes-Maria Lansche
  • ? : Frédéric Antoine
  • ? : Henry Ambert

Episode list

Plot summary

Dr. Watson recounts an unpublished case of Sherlock Holmes that brings Tarzan, Jane and Frankenstein together. We are in 1911, a British scientific mission discovered a body in the ice north of Archangelsk, Russia, that of a famous guinea pig, Frankestein's creature. But the mission was attacked by a German commando led by the cynical Colonel Bucher. All the scientists are exterminated, the creature carried away in its block of ice. Later, in Cameroon, Dr. Frankenstein, a German prisoner, telepathically communicates with his creature in front of whom he acknowledges his pride and wrongs. "I knew you were alive. I always knew that. All these years in spite of everything, I never stopped feeling your presence. For a long time, your heartbeat has replaced mine. Your shadow has invaded even my deepest dreams. I know you can hear me. You can fool the whole world, but not me. I know your powers. You can hear my thoughts very well. That's what you're doing now. If Colonel Bucher spies on our conversation, he will be bored as he listens to the silence that separates us... »