Speech about Daylight Saving Bill

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On 16 june 1908, Arthur Conan Doyle was invited at the Select Committee of the House of Commons. Conan Doyle gave a speech giving evidences in support of the Bill.


  • President : Sir E. Sassoon
  • Speakers :
    • Mr. E. Satterthwaite, Secretary, of the Stock Exchange
    • Arthur Conan Doyle
    • Paul Hemelryk, vice-president of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce
    • Mr. Dukinfield, vice-president of the Liverpool Cotton Broker's Association
    • Rev. E. de M. Rudolf, secretary of the Church of England Society for Waifs and Strays

Conan Doyle speech

Report from The Times

Sir Conan Doyle said the Bill would, he thought, speaking generally, promote the health and happiness of the majority of the community, and he especially commended it in in interests of children. The next generation of Britons would be the better for having an extra hour of daylight, and the general standard of health and stature would be certainly increased. In a thousand ways it would make for good, and, as far as he could see, the objections which had been raised, however valid they might be, were still in a great minority to the points that might be put forward in favour of it. On the question of method, he thought a single alteration of an hour would cause less confusion and obtain almost the same result.

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