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The Case of the Speckled Band (TV episode 1979)

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The Case of the Speckled Band

The Case of the Speckled Band is the 2nd episode of the TV series Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson starring Geoffrey Whitehead as Sherlock Holmes and Donald Pickering as Dr. Watson. 1979. 24 minutes.

The story is an adaptation from the Conan Doyle's story: The Adventure of the Speckled Band, with some minor changes.




  • Director : Sheldon Reynolds
  • Screenplay : Michael Allen
  • Producer : Sheldon Reynolds
  • Script Consultant : Anthony Burgess
  • Associate Producer : Danilo Sabatini
  • Music : Erwin Drake
  • Music Conductor : Stanislas Syrewicz
  • Director of Photography : Gabor Pogany
  • Art Director : Aurelio Crugnola
  • Assistant Art Director : Andrzej Halinski, Piotr Dudzinski
  • Costume Design : Hanna Morawiecka
  • Production : Laura Fattori, Grzegorz Wozniak
  • Film Editor : Gabrio Astori
  • Director of Photography (2nd unit) : Andrzej Kostenko