The Liberal Unionists

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The Liberal Unionists is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle published in The Hampshire Post and Sussex Observer (Portsmouth) on 27 april 1888.

The Liberal Unionists

To the Editor of the "Hampshire Post."

Sir, — As I had the honour of acting as Secretary to the Liberal Unionist organisation in connection with the recent demonstration, it is perhaps fitting that I should answer the letter of "An Old Liberal." Here, as elsewhere, the Liberal Unionists have found a difficulty in perfecting their organisation, as everything had to be begun de novo. They have now, however, a central Committee, and they have a list of some hundreds of electors who are pledged to Liberal Unionist views. The Committee is well aware, however, that this list is a very imperfect one; and they will be most happy to add to it the name of "Old Liberal" and the names of any of his friends who may desire to join us. If there is any further information which "Old Liberal" or any other elector might desire, I should be glad if he would call either upon me, or upon Mr. Sherwin, at 23, High Street. — Yours faithfully,


Bush Villa, Elm Grove, April 21st, 1888.