The Man Who Loved Sherlock Holmes (documentary 2005)

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The Man Who Loved Sherlock Holmes (2005)

The Man Who Loved Sherlock Holmes is a British documentary, directed by Daniel Vernon, produced by BBC Scotland, aired on BBC4 on 25 december 2005, narrated by Stephen Fry. 57 minutes

The documentary is dedicated to Richard Lancelyn Green, the world leading expert on Arthur Conan Doyle. Produced the year after his death, the documentary tells his biography, from his childhood to the extensive collector, and the affair around the 2004 Christies' sale and his mysterious death on 27 march 2004. Many interviews of sherlockians and friends who knew him.




  • Richard Lancelyn Green, world leading expert on Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Scirard Lancelyn Green, Richard's Brother
  • David Smith, Obersver Journalist
  • Owen Dudley Edwards, Historian and Friend
  • Jack Adrian, Obituary Writer
  • Elaine McCafferty, Sherlockian and Friend
  • Jonathan McCafferty, Sherlockian and Friend
  • June Lancelyn Green, Richard's Mother
  • Douglas Wilmer, Actor and Friend
  • Auberon Redfearn, Sherlockian and Friend
  • Jean Upton, Sherlockian and Friend
  • Dixon Smith, Bookdealer and Friend
  • Norman Rosebaum, Friend
  • Roger Johnson, Sherlockian and Friend
  • Michael Gunton, (Portsmouth) Collections Manager
  • Nick Utechin, Editor Sherlock Holmes Journal & Friend
  • Lewis Smith, Times Journalist
  • Catherine Cooke, Librarian and Friend


  • Director : Daniel Vernon
  • Producer : Richard Downes
  • Sound Recordist : Rainer Heesch
  • Dubbing Mixer : Ben Baird
  • Colourist : Dave Hawley
  • Production Manager : Katrina MIllar
  • Researcher : Stevie Whiteford
  • Film Editor : Phyllis Ironside
  • Executive Producer : Andrea Miller