Watson and Holmes (play 2015)

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Watson and Holmes (2015)

Watson and Holmes is a British 2-acts play written by Bert Coules and directed by Elizabteh Dunn, performed by the Summerseat Players company at the Royal Theatre (Ramsbottom, UK) between 13 and 17 october 2015.

The play is based on the original radio show by Bert Coules: The Abergavenny Murder (18 may 2004) and his dramatisation of Conan Doyle's The Adventure of the Lion's Mane.




Plot summary

  • Act 1 - The Abergavenny Murder: A desperate client arrives at 221B Baker Street, leading to a virtuoso display of observation, deduction and forensic science as Holmes works out exactly who he is and why he came there.
  • Act 2 - The Lion's Mane: John Watson is making a rare visit to the detective in his isolated retirement cottage in the country. While Holmes re-enacts the events of a recent mystery, Watson shows his own powers of detection as he discovers not only the truth about an unexplained death but also the dark reason why Holmes turned his back on work, fame and London.